More (Mis)Adventures of the Dynamic Duo

Posted by Angie on October 7, 2013 at 11:25 AM

Yesterday, while running errands, Daisy and Duke (aka the Dynamic Duo) were at it again:

Nice, huh? Not. (Daisy is on the left, Duke is on the right)


If you remember a couple of months ago (see July 19th post), D & D played their little "let's destroy something while they're gone" game before. Ultimately, we will never know which one of these little "angels" are fully responsible as the instigator of these "little" games, but we DO know that this cushion WAS in (Crazy) Daisy's crate and that SHE is the one who needs "doggie downers" because of her "nerve" problem. I'm not kidding.


A few of weeks ago, Billy was traveling a lot for work and Daisy was--to put it gently--an absolute hot mess. She had nightly (really runny) diarrhea and behaved like she just didn't feel good. She moped around the house, stared out the window, and slept a lot (but sometimes, she would just run around and around in circles for no apparent reason. It was really weird.). 


After about 3 very early mornings of cleaning up watery (and very stinky) steaks of puppy poo all over the living room, I decided I needed to take her to the vet, stat. So, I took her (and Duke) to the vet, extremely worried that something was wrong with her. After a battery of (expensive) tests, we found NOTHING wrong with her; she just missed Billy. Can you believe that happy crap? I spent $140 to find out that one of our puppies is co-dependent on Billy (and I am convinced she is also bipolar [Click HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE]).


So, I guess we can't call her Crazy Daisy anymore because she REALLY is crazy. I have the paperwork (and medications) to prove it.

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Reply Cath Shaw
4:13 PM on October 9, 2013 
Saw you on BlogPaws and thought I would take a look. Keep up the good work...unless these guys chew it up first!