Ginger Goat Spa (for hens)

Posted by Angie on January 2, 2014 at 3:20 PM

Happy New Year!


I am thrilled to write that I have a garden started...finally. As I have expressed before, gardening has been *challenging* out here (see April 10, 2013 post). Well, with the weather finally cooling off around here, I have a bonafide garden. Hooray!


As of right now, I have (successfully) started:

  • Lettuce
  • Green peppers
  • Cauliflower
  • Brussel sprouts (don't care, yummy)
  • Green snap peas
  • Tomatoes
  • Green onions
  • Some herbs (rosemary, mint, and lavender so far...)
  • And, oddly enough, potatoes (from some sprouts on an old potato I had lying around)


And I have killed, thus far:

  • Cucumbers
  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes (some made it, some didn't)


Just give me time, I am sure other plants will meet their demise. I am really digging (no pun intended) gardening--IN THE WINTER--out here. When summer rolls around again, maybe I will be better equipped to give it another go (or not).


Also, I have story I want to share.


Well, I *think* I do. It's sort of embarrassing...


Oh, what the hell, I'll share it with you.


A couple of days ago, I noticed one of our chickens started limping around the yard. Nothing too terrible--she was still scratching around for bugs and grass along with the other girls, but she was noticeably hobbling behind. After a couple of days, her gimp appeared to be worse. So, like any other (clueless) concerned homesteader, I Googled "limping chicken" to figure out what was wrong with her. I also learned a few other things:

  1. I'm not AS crazy as some other people raising chickens.
  2. An egg stuck up a hen's butt can cause limping (and I needed to stick my finger up there to find out [ummmm....NO]).
  3. Bumblefoot sounds really painful (she doesn't have that).


So, using deductive reasoning after my thorough research on this topic (and really wanting to avoid sticking my finger up her butt), I came to the conclusion that she bruised her leg jumping up and down the roosting bar (or tripped over something in the yard). So, to help her ailing leg, I gave our limping hen--now named Princess Gimpy, (not to be confused with Pinky Tuscadero [see August 17, 2013 post] or The Wanderer [see October 15, 2013 post])--a "spa day" (Oh, yes I did.). I am so "chicken whipped" that I actually drew that damn bird a warm bath, massaged her leg, wrapped her in a warm towel and held her on my lap for an hour (while we watched TV). After all of that, I hand fed her some crushed up corn chips with half a baby aspirin crushed in them. Oh yes...I did ALL of that. Here she is relaxing after her "treatment":


I have her isolated inside the coup for the next few days so she can rest that leg. Poor Princess Gimpy! 

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