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Posted by Angie on January 23, 2014 at 4:10 PM

Well, it's wintertime here at Ginger Goat Farm--which means (to us)--we have had 50 degree weather for THREE DAYS IN A ROW. I know, I know, most people think I am insane when I bitch and moan about 50 degree weather (especially when it has been in the single digits up North where I am from), but I have lived in Florida for 15 years (which I think makes me a native Floridian at this point) and my blood is thin.

Many times I ask myself how did I survive in Ohio in the winter? Ohio has some crazy weather going on. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I love Ohio. I love everything about the SUMMER! Seriously, there were days that I woke up with the heat on, turned the A/C on at noon, the heat back on at 3, and then the A/C back on at 7 pm, anytime of the year. Ohio is a place where you can get away with wearing a turtleneck under a sweatshirt (typically an OSU Buckeyes one), short shorts, and Ugg boots because the weather changes that much and that quickly. I have taken a 3 hour road trip in Ohio and fluctuated fiddling back and forth with the heat and the A/C, pending on what direction the sun was coming in the car; didn't matter if it was summer or winter.

Anyway, we have had a few days of *relatively* cooler weather (and I should enjoy it because come August, I will be really be missing these temperatures) and I have done a bit of reflecting on crafting some guidelines for Ginger Goat Farm. You know, something for when the "cityfolk" come on out and visit. Some of these guidelines include:


  1. Wear closed-toe shoes. (It's a farm. We have animals. They poop. Also, it's Florida. We have bugs. Big ones that bite hard.)
  2. If you wear your shoes in any of the animal pens, don't wear them in my house. (I think that one is pretty self-explanatory.)
  3. If you eat meat, you eat animals. (Don't look at us like we are cruel people because, eventually, these animals will be slaughtered [humanely]. Where do you think that Big Mac came from? Or chicken wings? At least our animals live a full life that is free of stress and enjoy being outside in the sun.)
  4. Don't lecture me about being organic. (I do the best I can to do anything and everything to use natural and pesticide-free products, but if I have a fire ant hill encroaching on "my" (or my animals') space, I will do *whatever* it takes to eliminate those little SOBs.)
  5. Yes, our water tastes a little "funny." (Our water comes from a well on our property. It has not been treated with the chemicals you are probably used to tasting.)
  6. Only #1, #2, and toilet paper gets flushed down the toilet. (We are on our own septic. Not to be too graphic, but other things (i.e. feminine hygenic products) are a big no no as, eventually, all of it will need to be pumped out [ewwwwww].)

I'm still working on some more, but I think it's a fairly good start. 


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