Baby ducks.....Maybe???

Posted by Angie on March 6, 2014 at 2:20 PM

It's been a bit busy around Ginger Goat Farm for the past few weeks...with the addition of the Goat Cart (or GG; see February 19th post) we have had the opportunity to do some exploring that we really never had the opportunity to do before. We have discovered that the State land behind us is absolutely breathtaking. We have a whole new perspective--seeing it from a vehicle rather than slogging along in rubber boots and being pelted in the face by tree branches. All and all, GG has been a great purchase, for fun as well as for utility (taking the garbage cans [a quarter of a mile] to the road for pickup, getting mail, picking up yard debris, running over fire ant hills [hee hee]).

In other news, we might--MIGHT--be hatching baby ducklings sometime in the near future (well, WE won't, Fran might [see Sept. 24th post]). Supposedly, Pekin ducks are not very broody (i.e. don't sit and incubate their eggs), but Fran has been sitting on her clutch, off and on every morning, for the past couple of months:

At one point a couple of weeks ago, she had 18 eggs in her nest, but after about 3 days, she had given up. However, about a week ago, she started back up again. We had read that the first few clutches might not work for a young female duck. So, we have been keeping an eye her nest and whenever she pushes any eggs out, we get rid of them (right now, she has about 7-9 eggs in there).

Frik doesn't make it all that easy for her to stay put, either. Every morning when we let them out, she remains on her nest and Frik waddles out as fast as he can. Frik is almost taunting her--sort of like back when we were kids. It's almost like he is shouting, "Na na na. I'm going to play outside and you have to stay inside. Na na na." Then, to make it even worse, after about an hour outside, he gets even worse, he starts splashing around in the pond and runs back and forth in front of the duck pen. I swear, I almost hear him yelling, "Wahooo. Wheeeeeeee.....". He can be quite a stinker.

Also, because he doesn't have Fran around most of the morning (for their dirty dancing on the pond, wink, wink), he starts harassing the Chicken Posse (if you remember from an earlier post, the hens put the ducks in the "friend zone" a long time ago). Typically, the hens just squat and take his harassment, but this last time when we let the girls free-range around the yard, they fought back. Hard. Seriously, it was like watching a bunch of little old ladies swatting their handbags at some little punk at the mall. It was great. I am totally Team Chicken Posse when there is a throwdown among the chickens and the duck(s), even though Frik is outnumbered 10:1. I'd take a picture, but I am too busy laughing.

Frik is still a sweetheart, but he is like a walking hormone around the hens. Typical boy....

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