One week down, three to go (hopefully)

Posted by Angie on March 19, 2014 at 12:30 AM

One week ago--today--Fran started sitting, consistently, on her clutch (see last post). So, if she can hang in there for 3 more weeks (it takes 28 days for duck eggs to hatch), we will have a flock (or a brace, badelynge, or a bunch) of ducklings. It is SO exciting, but I have to share with you that Fran looks pretty worse for wear right now. She looks exhausted--and hot. We don't bother her too much, but when we do go back there and check on her, we can't help but feel for her.

Let me tell you, from what I've seen, being a female Pekin duck doesn't look like it's all that fun...from their mating patterns (looks kind of rape-y to me...and Frik is a pretty gentle dude) to the bald spot on her head and those big eggs she lays everyday...hell just might be coming back to this earth as a female Pekin duck. For reals.

So, we'll keep you posted on Fran's progress!

Also, I harvested my first "advanced" crop, cauliflower. Check it out:

Pretty, huh? I am pretty excited (the chickens absolutely loved the leaves). I've done pretty well with my tomatoes and lettuce; however, not so good with my potatoes, peppers, and onions. I am still waiting on my eggplant and brussel sprouts. In the next few weeks, I am looking to start growing my "tropical" fruits and vegetables (bananas, papaya, guava, etc.). Still have no idea what I am doing in the gardening department, but I am hoping as time goes on, more will live than I kill.

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