Introducing the Sweet 16

Posted by Angie on April 21, 2014 at 3:00 PM

We have just added a few new residents to Ginger Goat Farm. Introducing the "Sweet 16":

Sixteen Buff Orpingtons (rather than the 10 Rhode Island Red [RIR] girls we currently have).

There is absolutely nothing wrong with my RIR girls, but it is time for some new little babies around here and the feed store only had Buff Orpingtons (and after some quick research on Wikipedia and My Pet Chicken, the Buffs seem fine to me; in fact, they'll probably look exactly like my other girls when they grow up). This go around, we are going with a "straight run" (i.e. "unsexed...might have half boys/girls, all boys, all girls, who knows?). I am not a big rooster fan, but...supposedly...Buff roosters are pretty mellow (We will see....).

Stay tuned...we will be getting 6 baby ducks this Wednesday!!!!!!!!

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