Frik attacked

Posted by Angie on May 5, 2014 at 2:15 PM

Things have been going pretty well around here at the farm. We've been extremely busy with the Lucky 7 (our 7 new ducklings) and the Sweet 16 (our 16 new chickies) and our new gardens (and fighting the bugs and weeds).

It's just been "business as usual" --until this morning. Either Daisy or Duke (most probably Daisy) attacked Frik. It might quite possibly a life or death situation. I will not post a picture of Frik because it is quite disturbing.

I hate to admit this, but I am crying as I am writing. I love that damn duck. A lot more than I ever thought.

If you can remember awhile back, we originally started with Frik and Frak (see March 27, 2013 post). Frak met his untimely death by unsuccessfully "fronting" a bobcat and losing his head--literally (see September 24, 2013 post). I'll be the first to admit that I was a little bit upset over losing Frak (not really). However, when we replaced him with Fran, life around Ginger Goat Farm was quite a bit more peaceful (and Frik was MUCH happier).

I am not quite sure exactly what all happened this morning; all I know is that Daisy chased Frik over to me while I was still cleaning and feeding the new babies (chickies and duckies). Honestly, I wasn't prepared to take proper care of him when he lept into my arms. His neck was completely raw and I noticed a few puncture marks in his neck. I was in complete shock. so, I screamed at the dogs to go back in the house and I put Frik back down by the pond. I feel responsible for most (or all) of it because Billy and I used to entertain ourselves by watching Duke and Daisy chase Frik and Fran in the pond--except we didn't want them to hurt them!!!!

Now, several hours later, I still don't know what to do. I called several vets (oh, yes I did) and they would be happy for me to bring him in for a battery of tests, antibiotics, etc., etc., but my head keeps reminding my heart that FRIK IS A DUCK. I do not want to become that crazy duck lady that spends hundreds of dollars (plus I can't even catch him now to put him in my car) ON A DUCK! And, I have 7 little baby duckies that will be full grown in 6 weeks (Pekin ducks are full grown in 7 weeks. It's crazy how fast they grow). Regardless, I still love Frik (Billy is so mad at me for naming all of these animals).

So, I have been digging around the Internet trying to find out what I should do. Let me tell you, there are some crazy duck ladies (and gentlemen) out there. Some sites recommend leaving injured ducks alone and some are just completely over the top (just Google "duck attacked" or "duck injury" but be forewarned, some of the posted pictures are pretty graphic).

Twice today, I have gone over to Frik to try to get a closer look and to, hopefully, give him some basic first aid, but he is still pretty shell-shocked (understandably). So, please keep Frik in your thoughts for a speedy, ful recovery. I will keep you posted on what happens to him.

Oh, BTW, I am not mad at the dogs. I understand that dogs will be dogs, but they will not be going outside unsupervised anymore until we can figure out how the dogs and ducks can live in harmony.

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